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Friday, April 18, 2014

finally friday

ahhhh it's finally friday. Good Friday in fact.

the sun is shining. it's above 0 degrees. things are going to be good.

sorry for the late post. i was having a lovely breakfast at marie catribs with a good friend talking analytic, social media trends and of course about life.

i will say said friend is a very driven gal and i love her insight and optimism and sometimes you just need to meet with a friend and get some inspiration, motivation and ambition from them (along with scrambled eggs and a side of homemade wheat toast).

after a week of playing catch up from vacation it was good to gather some energy.

don't worry, still counted my points for this...prob wont be eating much for lunch but i'm stuffed lol. 

this is what they call friday morning perfection. 

so what is on the agenda for the rest of the weekend? 

tonight we are going out for dinner (butchs in holland?) for jtdk birthday. 

saturday morning i hope to get a few of my seeds planted before heading out to east town and babysit my friends kid rebel reclaimed for the day. that's right erin mishler and i are taking over the shop for a day so the menfolk can have a day with their family. i'm so looking forward to playing store again for a day! come and visit us! we'll be at 1409 robinson road from 10am - 5pm. 

saturday night we are going to go out with our friends brook and jesse for dinner..not sure where yet though. 

i'm a little nervous about eating out for dinner this week (first time since sunday!) i just have to look at the menu and plan it out a head of time. 

sunday we are going to church at forest grove for easter with my family and then having a grill out lunch. 

sunday afternoon i would love to get some outdoor time and prep my garden a bit. i want to try planting some cooler weather plants like lettuce and spinach...stay tuned. 

i hope everyone has a wonderful easter weekend wither your celebrating with friends or family. have a lovely holiday weekend. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

abby's favorite one

today there is no favorite five, just my favorite one.

happy birthday my little dream killer!

love you so much! I've loved all of our adventures together throughout the last 10 years of our lives :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

where i've been wednesday: spring sweet round 2

ok ok ok i know i've already done a where i've been wednesday for spring sweet 


here me out. the store is not a completely different feel from my last post. why? because it's SPRING!

i did the post right around the holiday time but now the store is filled again with gold, stripes, pink, greens and ahhhhh spring.

i had to run to holland yesterday and couldn't resist popping in to pick up this dress... i was good i didn't get all three. just the black one. at around $50 though, i could have bought it in every color. for the record i took a large and there are still (unbelievably) a handful left.

i had to pace myself because the store was so full of light fun airy gold goodness and on a snowy day in april it looked even better to me. but i being the baller on a budget that i am. showed (some) restraint. but come on! look at these beauties. i'll most likely be back. when my discretionary budget is restored. unless JTDK leaves his wallet unattended...again....

there was also some amazing light weight kimono tops that i might go back for..again once discretionary budget is restored. they were only $42! plus kimonos make you look skinny and right now i'll take what i can get. 

also one of these days i will learn to just take my camera with me to get nice(er) pictures. 

one last thing, if you are looking for some great easter table pieces and/or flowers. they have the most adorable easter decor up right now that would transition perfectly into the rest of spring.

happy wednesday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

weight watchers.

ok so as previously mentioned i joined weight watchers (online) on the plane ride home saturday.

i didn't officially start until monday. (go figure, isn't that when all diets start?) anyway i haven't done weight watchers in about 7 years but when i did it the first time it worked. the second time i cheated so third times a charm right?

i have to say usually the second day is the worst (today) but i'm being optimistic. i have my homemade breakfast bran muffin sitting next to me my lunch in the fridge so i am equipped.

i spent saturday plane ride and sunday learning about the new program. i read a lot about the two week kick start but honestly i just can't do those "eat until your full" diets because well, my brain always tells me i'm hungrier than my stomach does. i decided to go right to the points program.

sunday afternoon i collected weight watcher recipes from around the internet (mostly from skinnytaste.com) and headed off to the grocery store.

here is my dilemma. i love food. not specifically just eating it though. i'm not one of those people who run to the drive through and inhale 5 burgers in secret. although i could, i'd love to,  and i feel for people with that addiction. but i'm talking more about an obsession with growing it, reading about, learning new techniques, trying new sauces, methods, learning where it comes from, pairing spices and ultimately tasting it.

so many people have told me you can't lose weight by cooking these fancy meals. sorry but for me, steamed broccoli and chicken is not a sustainable life style. if i'm going to lose this weight (that most likely came from 0 exercise and "over tasting" and misguided portions) for good then i'm going to make it fit into my lifestyle.

i started this blog in 2009ish. one benefit of having a blog is being able to check back in on the history of your life. if you read my history it's clear that food, body image and weight struggles have plauged my existence. i've tried numerous diets, trends, eating plans, workout regimes some worked some didn't. most i gave up on when i didn't magically drop 10 lbs. (sorry to those who are sick of reading about it) ( oh wait you came to me, not sorry haha)

this time is different. i can feel it. i am determined. i have spent more time paying attention to what my body reacts to than just focusing on losing weight. i am going on a solid month 3 of exercising 8 hours a week (5 cardio, 3 strength) and calorie counting.

i started a few months ago with the shakology/ beach body plan. i started at 179 (insert tears here) i got down to 173 using just cardio and shakology (for breakfast) then using the lose it app there after. but i have been stuck at 173 for a while now (glad to have been stuck on it though through my last vacation!) and now i'm ready to get BACK into the 160s. for the last time.

i'm hoping that by tightening up on the calories and fat i put in my mouth combined with exercise i'll be able to swing in for the win.

i haven't given up on my shakology i have just switched up the way i use them. i used it yesterday before my workout to give me an extra boost of protein and energy and to tide me over for dinner. it worked like a charm.

how do i know this time is different? i haven't given up yet. i'm not focusing on my end "number" and trust me it's there. but i am focusing more about the journey now. what i AM able to accomplish as i move forward. not giving up and not getting discouraged when i don't immediately drop that 10 lbs the infomercials always promise.

next week, if all goes according to plan, i'll share some results, meal plans and grocery lists from this past week. what i felt worked for me what didn't etc.

one of my biggest accomplishments thus far (other than being down 6lbs) is for the first time since middle school (i'm not kidding) i ran a full mile without stopping.

for those who know how much i HATE running that was huge.

sorry this was a lot longer post than i intended just excited to share :)

carry on friends :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend recap and final day of vacation

on this monday in michigan, as the temps are slowly falling from 60 degrees back to 30 i am going to reflect on the things i do love about america. 

E! TV in english
drinkable water
fresh food
ummmm jcrew?

i think that is it. 

friday was our last day on vacation. my mom and i did our ritual of waking up early and going for a jog and then headed straight to the beach. we hung out there all day long. we kayaked and took one of the little boats out again one last time. 

family photo. i believe the unnamed gentleman who i kind of look like is giving me devil horns. 

i am famous and used to having my photo taken. plus if i make myself look stupid hopefully it will distract you from my blinding white pale body. 

jose the dream killer and i 

lo lo, steph, jose and i's last voyage into the deep seas. 

while we were gone my mother apparently caught hold of my vacation and took some mass quantities of speedo shots. here are some of the highlights 

i'm concerned with how close this one is. 

after the long day at the beach we went back to get ready for our final dinner together and assembled for family pictures. why is it that whenever you need a picture taken  you can never find someone who speaks your language? 

i was trying to explain to the guy taking the picture to quit cutting off our feet, so we just got one all together sitting down. 

yep splurged on that jcrew blue dress. had to it went 40% off the day before we left. it was a sign from the retail gods that they wanted me to have it. 

last night family picture. 

saturday morning we met in the lobby around 7am to fly home :( 

i think this is the first flight in years that went exactly according to plan. no delays, no plane switches we went right through security, customs, immigration, speculation, determination and finally walked outside to the balmy 60 degrees of chicago. we loaded the van and stopped at the first subway we saw. yum. 

we got home to my parents around 9 and headed straight for DJ's pizza. 'merica!

here is the thing, mexico was beautiful, the resort was wonderful we had such a good time but the food was bad. maybe that's why this girl didn't gain a SINGLE pound on this vacation! well that and an incident with water inhalation. but still!

sunday morning work up and had some coffee, started in on some emails and made my grocery lists for the week. all my recipes this week are coming from a new blog (thanks dann!) called skinnytaste. all weight watcher friendly recipes. oh did i mention i literally joined weight watchers on the plane ride home? 

i've lost about 6 lbs doing the shakeology thing but i've plateaued so switching things up a bit. i'll post my meal plan for the week tomorrow.

i did a little shopping had to scope out what's been going on at macys, jcrew and william sonoma while i've been away. came home with a new pair of pants (70% off ) and a vegetable spiraler (hey this thing is AWESOME and it was customer appreciation extra 15% off at william sonoma). 

jtdk and i worked outside for a bit getting my garden ready before it started to pour. we then spent the rest of the afternoon getting the basement ready to start some seeds.

then i meal prepped and made dinner the rest of the night. we made grilled salmon with a thai chili glaze, spiraled zucchini and potatoes and then ummmm fried them. OMG so good. and we also had corn on the cob.

a good weekend with a smooth travel to welcome in a crappy monday.

happy monday everyone :)

Friday, April 11, 2014


yesterday was excursion day.

while my mom, sister and sister - in - law went zip lining through the jungle, an unnamed guy who looks kind of like me, husband, brother and i took our adventure to the high seas.

we went deep sea fishing.

i've been deep sea fishing in florida once when i was a kid but i haven't gone in years and unless i have to bait my own hook it's super enjoyable for me. especially when i get to eat the fish.

we started out our voyage around 9am and loren (brother) caught a  barracuda right away. about an hour later i reeled in a barracuda ..

as you can see i'm thrilled to have a barracuda near my face. 

two hours passed and nothing so we decided to bottom fish. nothing
more nothing


jose reeled in an ice big moon snapper. it was a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. i promise.

as you can see jose is obviously thrilled to have it near him. 

we took that sonofabitch back to the dock and ate him. like savages. and it was the best fish i've had well...since anguilla :)

for seven pesos all we could eat of our 30 minute old catch. 

after we returned from our adventures we met up at the hotel and hit it for an afternoon on the beach. we grabbed dinner at the resort around 8 and could barely all keep our eyes open. i guess they would classify that as a sign of another good day of family vacation. 

lovin my new free people cover up :)

happy friday everyone! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

mexication: day four

yesterday was a full beach day.

morning started off with my mom and i going for a 6 mile jog/walk and then met the rest of the family out at the beach.

the girls got (henna) tat's, joe's sailing dreams came true and we slept almost all day.

at night we went to dinner at the mexican restaurant and called it an early night.

uneventful but fabulous