A horrible housewife + A horrible dog = A perfect match

Monday, July 21, 2014

fruit loop

 so i got really into fruit last week. i don't care how old i get i will always be drawn to things that glitter, sequin or are funny. hello this lemon clutch?!!

i bought these pants last year from jbandme and they are the comfiest things ever. they stretch out like leggings. i cannot wear leggings as pants. these have a denim texture to them but are comfy, mid rise (hold everything in) and are fitted without being tight.

the pink crop top was a bit of a challenge for me. i loved the color and was really drawn to it but i am not ummm corp top ready? the trick to crop tops over the age of 25 is layering.

since these pants were high rise it was easier for me to find something that would cover my midsection. the pants the clutch the colors had so much detail that i needed to keep my actual jewelry simple. i know that i have raved about 31 bits before but i'm going to do it again. i love love love how lightweight they are. they are made from paper beads and they are for a good cause!

what is one thing that you won't give up as you age? i read that ladies are not supposed to wear glitter after 30... yea that isn't going to happen...

outfit on abby

weekend recap and the whole binks thing.

if there was one word that could sum up this weekend..it would be eventful.

it all started friday morning when i had to take my dogs to the groomer. they really needed to get in because binks especially was getting quite matted. he will not let anybody brush him so we take him to a groomer that has special treatment for him that blows out the hair.  that's all fine and dandy if binks would allow even that to happen. the matts on his behind were too much and they decided to shave him.

that is when he escaped out of the muzzle harness and made a run for it.

i received a call around 1:00 that i needed to come and get binks. it went a little something like this.

"ummm hi abby this is NAME from GROOMER, we have a problem. we needed to shave binks due to a few issues with his fur. he has escaped from the muzzle and will not go back in. three of us have tried to get him back on to the table and he is now becoming aggressive. we need you to come get him immediately."

"omg i'm so sorry, he didn't bite anybody did he? he's never been super aggressive before! i'm so sorry"

"no he didn't bite but he could. we were only able to shave parts of him. but you need to come and get him"

"well what about butters?"

"butters is fine. he will be finished by the time you get here"

so i get to the groomer and i am absolutely mortified. i have two people in front of me picking up their dogs and they have these happy beautiful groomed mutts and they are playing, laughing and pretty much giving me the middle finger.

then comes my dogs.

butters so beautiful, completely groomed and lassie looking. and then comes binks.

i litereally slump. my dog's entire right side of his body is shaved.

enter judgmental stares.

i get a nice long lecture from the groomer about how i now have to pretty much roofie my dog in order to finish shaving him.

i say where do i find these "dog sedatives".

groomer pretty much tells me to "figure it out"

on our way home binks sticks his head out the window like nothing ever happened. i'm not sure what to do with him right now but he looks terrible. this is how the weekend pretty much kicked off.

we left late friday afternoon for detroit with joe's parents. ( i left a very interesting note for the dog sitter...)

we got to detroit around 5pm, checked into the hotel and went to the mercury bar in cork town.

if you haven't been there you need to go. amazing burgers and other bar food. hello "totchos" tater tots with nacho cheese, bacon, green onions, jalapeƱos and a cilantro sour cream..
joe's dad 

french onion burger..

after dinner we headed to the game. we had amazing seats friday night. unfortunately the tigers could not friggen lock it up. we started losing it about halfway through. i still blame my mother in law for jinxing it. (she mentioned they were going to win around the first inning). we stayed through the fireworks and called it a night and headed back to the hotel. 

who is that catcher...daaang

saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the brooklyn local (back in cork town) to grab some breakfast. hotel rooms are SO dry! i needed coffee desperately. you need to check it out. many of the produce and products come from around the detroit area and it is amazing! i had a slice of quiche with summer squash, ricotta and garlic scapes and a side of poutine. omg yummy. 

see it was pretty desperate. need.coffee.now

after breakfast we went to a place i've never been before. can you believe it? shinola detroit. it was in such a cute neighborhood! there was a couple of cute home stores and gift stores. we spent the morning just walking around shopping. i got a couple of things, michigan chocolates, a detroit guidebook, a ceramic tin can canister and a print. two of my other favorite shops were city bird and nest. you need to check them out! 







after a morning of shopping we headed back to the tigers game to catch the 1pm game. we got to sit in a suite this time which was nice to not have to pay $10 for a beer haha. again the tigers couldn't lock it down so we went home somewhat losers but had a great time. 

sunday morning i woke up bright and early and headed out to the midland antique fair. bust - not good. well it wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't worth driving two hours to go to. i got a few cute things some vintage coolers and a few small things. the may one is way bigger and better. i got home around 4:00 and joe and i grilled out, worked in the garden and read. 

a nice busy weekend and now it's monday. boo. back to work. 

hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

finally friday

what a beautiful week it has been, don't you agree? i love this semi- fall temperatures. if it could stay this mid 70s temp all year long i would be in heaven. maybe i should move to napa.....

i am SO looking forward to this weekend it's going to be another nice fun adventurous marathon.

tomorrow late afternoon we leave for a friday night tigers game with joe's parents. we are going to be staying overnight so we can catch a game saturday afternoon! marathon day!!! i hope to make it to some of my favorite places. hopefully astros, sugar house and slows.  i really really want to get back to green dot stables too and eventually to lock harts. too many food items on my list.

i've been reading this great book called detroit food about all the great culinary events, places and things going on in detroit. according to this book the real estate to open a restaurant in detroit is so cheap you are getting all of these amazing chefs from NY and Canada opening amazing restaurants due to the low overhead. they are doing all these things to clean up and beautify the neighborhood including planting gardens in all the vacant land and buildings. i'm saving a detroit trip for when i finish the book. Anybody want to join?

getting off track.

so friday and saturday are going to be filled with detroit goodness with joe's parents. sunday morning i leave bright in early to go back to the east to a few flea markets with my vintage hunting buddy lisa. we are going to hopefully domination station the other side of the state by making it to TWO markets in one day....stay tuned.

on another note i thought it might be fun to do a market round up of things in season at the farmers markets right now?

this isn't everything but this is what i saw this week.


in addition to the regulars for right now:
beans, blueberries, raspberries, some amazing heirloom lettuce here are some unique things i found at the market in holland.

tomato berry what?!?! i didn't take a bite because i'm not a raw tomatoes kind of gal but these were so intriguing to me! someone buy some and tell me what they are like! 

apricots? they are grown in fennville. is it weird i didn't even know apricots could grow in michigan? regardless i bought a box to mess around with. i have a few canning recipes that call for apricots so stay tuned! 

my friend laura picked up this AMAZING goat cheese. we had a hard time deciding which was best? this amazing herb blend that had a little kick to it or this lovely velvety honey cranberry goat cheese. we went savory over sweet but these were amazing. 

if you hit up holland be sure to visit my favorite farmer from 4 acre farms. he is this sweet old man that i just want to steal and take home with me. he farms his entire 4 acre farm with "himself and the help of the lord" he is just so sweet and is selling herb plants, canas and some root veggies. 

grand rapids market. 
i bought the last of the strawberries last week. they are canned and safely put away. i made a couple batches of regular strawberry jam and a small batch of strawberry lavender jam <- have="" i="" made="" more="" of="" p="" that="" wish="" would="">

here are some interesting things i found at the grand rapids market. 

ah yes, we've spotted the rare and elusive lisa price. 

i bought a box of gooseberries and i don't know what to do with them...suggestions? 

i also bought a box of currents but all i can find recipe wise is scones?

tart cherries!

and that is your farmers market round up! what are you stocking up on? i bought a bunch of cherries, pitted them but now i'm not sure what to do with them...