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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

big news.

big news folks.

i  can finally finally finally finally finally tell you the news!

we bought a house! for real this time! with inspections, good faith money and contracts. we are moving the 27th of september! (so if you know anyone looking for a 4 bed 3 1/2 bath in byron center...)

the house is located about 20 minutes further south from where we live now in martin. i know i know martin is far away but seriously it's only a 35 minute drive to downtown grand rapids so we'll be fine. 

we were absolutely devastated when the last house did not work out. (the one we have been working on since christmas). remember that bad day here if you want.  basically here is the short version: we were supposed to buy this house without realtors, we spent tons of money on inspections and then one day the owners just called and said they didn't want to sell anymore. no i'm still kind of bitter. or at least i was until we found this house. 

we had seen this one pop up in our trulia searches for a while but since it was farther away than we wanted we kind of ignored it. we finally decided to just at least look at it. 

on our way out there we said this house has to be absolutely perfect for us to even consider it. 

my mouth fell open as we drove up. 

i said to joe, there seriously has to be something wrong with this. there has to be SOMETHING. 

there wasn't. the kitchen is awesome, the house is completely updated, there is new plumbing, electric, they raised up the home and re poured the foundation, the appliances are commercial grade, they roof is new, the barns are even updated and reinforced. it was perfect. 

we put in our offer, the seller countered we accepted and moved on to home inspections - which went perfect. there is about $2000 in small repairs that we have to make because the seller refused to negotiate anymore but honestly it's little things like fixing a vent, cleaning out this or that, replacing a window jam. since we are no longer renovating an entire home we'll have time for a few small projects. 

well and septic were last week and also went perfect so the 27th we move to martin! 

the house has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, pool, big old barn, two small barns, pole barn and 12 acres. it's perfect! I can't wait to get in there and put my spin on it. brace yourself for a lot of new farm house pins. 

formal dining room

back yard view 

master bedroom 

master bathroom 

living room 

screen porch 

screen porch that leads into kitchen


staircase to master bedroom 


can't wait to move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

you're going to be the first pirate.

can i just say that flowy tops are a beautiful thing? they hide all that is bad and scary and tuck it nicely away behind a flowy non body touching cotton canvas. 

i scored this top on sale at macys during their "one day sale" that happens every other day. i love how it is kind of puffy like a pirate shirt, hey i kinda like pirates. the johnny depp kind. but this top still forms to your body by having tailored sleeves and a pin tucked back. 

i paired this with some dark ag belle flares (one of my favorite makers) because they kind of feel like pajama jeans. i would never wear pajama jeans but i would wear pajama jeans in disguise. just saying. 

i love mixing patters too even if it's barely visible. i paired this blue pin stripe top with some leopard print loafers from tory burch. super comfy and adds a little pop of originality. 

well folks, hate to cut it short but i have to take off. i have the j & h oil charity golf outing today and i'm on the planing committee. have a great one! 

outfit on abby

weekend recap

thank you thank you thank you to everyone who came out to the friday on the farm barn sale event! 

we had such a great time (rain or shine) with you and appreciate you making the drive to see us! 

we sincerely hope you all enjoy your new treasures (even though we were sad to see them go!)

the rest of the weekend was kind of a wash. after the sale i headed up to pentwater with the dogs around 5pm. joe and i went out for a walk with the dogs, visited some friends staying at the camp ground and then went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (barley and rye) in lundington. i was so geeked to see that they had expanded their menu! seriously if you are heading into that area you need to pay it a visit. 

after dinner we headed back to pentwater and met some friends at the antler, had one more drink and headed back to bed. 

sunday morning we woke up and grabbed breakfast downtown and went for another walk. we then met up with friends again and headed out sailing for a bit. it was so much fun because it was so wavy! there were 3-6 foot waves! it was so much fun! 

we literally spent the next 3 hours sitting outside and enjoying the sun by the water hanging out and just laughing at things. it was such a good good afternoon. we headed back to the antler for dinner and 50cent wings before heading home for the weakend. 

work and play all rolled in to one. such a good weekend!  

Friday, September 12, 2014

finally friday!

it's finally friday folks. TGIF thank goodness thank goodness thank goodness! 

tonight we kick off our very first Friday on the Farm event at my friend jessica's house. this will be my last show for a while folks! at least until november.... that's unless another good one pops up? 

tonight come and join me, my friends jessica and lisa and jess's family (who has a TON of good stuff) and shop our collection of vintage treasures. here is a short list of what you'll be able to find there. 

vintage hutches, cabinets, crates (metal and wood), tables, desks, vintage coolers, vintage picnic baskets, linens, tons of table cloths, fabrics, chairs, stools, outdoor furniture, signs and more! 

it will be a great event! 

here are the details 

Friday on the Farm 
295 Perry St. SW
Byron Center, MI 
(right off 8th ave, South of M-6)

Tonight 3-7pm 
Saturday 9-1pm

After the sale joe and i hope to head up to pentwater and spend the remainder of the weekend working on the kitchen (or at least trying to finish it). finish means finish hanging the wall panels and maybe install the lighting. maybe. stay tuned. 

if we don't end up in pentwater we'll probably spend the rest of the weekend at the house working through some home projects. last week friday when that big storm came through it knocked down our gazebo and destroyed a couple planters. i haven't been able to get out there to clean it up because it makes me so sad. those metal tent gazebos suck. although this last one lasted us 4 years. mostly because we never put the actual tent fabric up so wind was able to blow through it. 

did anybody else hear that we are supposed to get frost this sunday? FROST a month early? well that will be the end of (most) my garden... i'll still have some cold weather lettuce, peas and brussels. 

one bright side of this weekend's weather? it feels like fall. i plan on drinking a ridiculous amount of apple cider. i don't care if it's still "technically summer". 

what is everyone else up to this weekend (other than coming to our sale)