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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

she asked me how to spell orange

"she asked me how to spell orange" 

please tell me you know what movie that is from . (watch mean girls immediately) 

i know i've said it like a million gagillion times but i.love.fall. i love it for the food, drinks, clothes, everything. 

i have yet to locate the boxes with my boots in it so i've been "getting by" still wearing my flats. i hope to dig those out soon. sigh sigh sigh 

so lets chat about this outfit. i wore this when i met my friend annette in zeeland for lunch (she happens to be a photog too) we went to public and had my absolute favorite salad ( the leroy street, poppyseed dressing, gorgonzola and cranberries). it was a mild day. when the sun was out it was smoking but as soon as it went behind a cloud freezing. best to dress in layers. 

i have these j.crew pants in like 10 million colors. seriously plaids, embellished, cotton, wool and more. j.crew does a great job of creating "work pants" that accent the female form. just an fyi i size up when getting them in wool and normal size in the cotton. 

quick story about these slacks...i was trying them on the dressing room and bent over to check my phone and they split right up the ass. yep ripped right open. i had two choices. confess or bolt. 

i confessed. luckily the sales associate assured me that there was an issue with this run of pant in their store and it's happened to at least two other people. i chose to believe her. thankful also that she shipped a pair from another store to my house. alas, they are still in one piece. 

a quick note on the top...you can see i'm still obsessed with my madewell boyfriend button up. the colors just seem to go with everything. i loved mixing the orange in the plaid with the jcrew lightweight sweater. and of course my polka dot tennies. 

happy tuesday! 
xxoo abby 

outfit on abby
orange top jcrew old similar here and here 
shoes kate spade sold out. similar here and here 

Monday, October 20, 2014

weekend recap.

wallpaper is the devil.

correction: bad wallpaper is the devil.

it took me all friggin weekend to tear all of it down in just the dining room.

friday night i worked on some blog things (including a scarf tutorial)

i then headed into the big city (woodland mall) and met my friend lisa at the macys sale and then to dinner. dinner after she introduced me to the store lush. i know i know i never went to one before! i'm hooked! i bought a few of their bath bombs and an awesome sea mist spray for your face. it's life changing. 

saturday morning i woke up bright and early went to home depot and grocery store. 

i came back and got to work peeling down the wallpaper 

the next 12 hours went something like this. 

binks slept

i peeled wallpaper

binks slept 

i took down more wallpaper. 

there was a chinese food break and one more home depot run in there. i worked for about 12 hours saturday. 

sunday morning i woke up early again. had a cup of coffee and peeled more wallpaper down (for about 2 hours) 

i headed to church to watch a friends bambino get baptized and then to her house for lunch. i was so excited to have a lunch that wasn't from a take out box or cereal bowl. 

i ran to the byron center house (yep still own it) and grabbed a few more things, home depot to grab yet more supplies and then to meijer to pick up some real food for dinner. 

i peeled more wallpaper for about 2 hours project hour count 15 hours. 

we washed all the walls with tsp and joe put a first layer of paint on the ceiling. we called it quits around 8pm and had our first home cooked meal in the new house (i had to dig out my cooking supplies) we had roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes with a truffled parmesan sprinkle and grilled pork tenderloins. we watched happy gilmore and called it a night. 

happy monday!

xxoo abby 

Friday, October 17, 2014

finally friday

it's finally friday! i've never been so grateful for the weekend. and so excited to get to work!

i'm sitting here right now watching the sun rise working from home waiting for the cable man to come so i can watch my beloved food network.

i've been dying out here without it. dying.

so what is on the agenda for this weekend?

friday night - i hope to take a bunch of the wallpaper in the formal dining room down. i hope to get it all done in one night. i think i can do it. especially if it comes down in big pieces.

saturday - here is hoping that all wallpaper will be torn down and we can safely begin the formal dining room painting process. i'm pretty sure i will be painting and unpacking all day saturday.

sunday - going to watch a friends bambino get baptized and then more house work. sounds eventful right? maybe. perhaps?

in the meantime here are some pics from around the farm lately.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


last week while in vegas for my big girl job was very very very eye opening in a number of ways.

first i read the book #girlboss cover to cover over the the course of a four hour flight. that is what really kicked my brain into gear over the week.

lets start with the book and then we'll move on to application shall we?

it is very rare for me to read a book that isn't a cookbook or pure vacation smut. (shopaholic series anyone?) i'm a gal who likes a mindless read on vacation or flipping through cookbooks or something that has alot of pictures. like magazines.

but there was something that drew me to this book and once i started i could not stop.

sophia goes into great detail on how she started NastyGal.com. she literally was living as a "freegan" and built her business from the ground up. she surrounded herself with people she trusted and her gut instincts. she talks about being a female entrepreneur and business owner. surviving in the world of ecommercce, gracefully dealing with haters and building a successful enterprise.

she does this all while using humor and her natural wit to tell the story. i think that's why i liked it. it was a real story about being a female business owner. no steps, no real instructions, just how she followed her instinct.

i would recommend this book to all ladies (and even some men) that are running their own business and need a success story. a real one. where the person tells of the stumbles and failures AND successes.

ironically enough i read this book as i was on my way to a convention and trade show that is heavily male dominated.

ironically enough all of the seminars i attended were about how to get women into the convenience stores. how do we get woman to shop inside a gas station? clean bathrooms? women like clean bathrooms. fresh healthy food offerings? yes women like to be skinny. women like healthy options.

i can tell you how to get women into gas station. refrain from calling them "honey" "sweetie" "darlin" that's a start.

but i'm not going to go down that road.

here is the funniest part of this entire trip.

i go to a marketing seminar. trends for the next five years. how to be successful? get women into stores.

i leave pondering their suggestions and may i note they were good applicable suggestions. trust me, i'm a lady. well i'm at least a woman.

i literally walk out the door to the trade show floor where i am greeted by a sexy nurse handing out energy drink samples, a sexy cop in a plastic suit handing out plastic handcuffs with a phone number for background check companies on them (she kept using the word naughty). the monster girls are wearing basically thongs walking around while MEN (not woman) MEN stand there with their mouths open clapping like loser baby seals.

i literally said out loud. these folks are full of shit. again, me being a woman the last thing i want to think of is what my body would look like in a sexy nurse costume going down a giant blow up slide. and after that how much i would love an energy drink.

so how do we circle back to #girlboss? if we are going to market to woman (in any business) you have to KNOW your customer. and i can guarantee only 5% might actually be sexy nurses, cops etc. (aside from real life sexy nurses, cops and marketing people).

if you are in any business where your target is women and/or being and excellent business lady. read #girlboss for a little perspective.

trust me, i'm a sexy marketing person.

xxoo abby

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

farmhouse dining room

i've decided to start tackling this house one badly wallpapered room at a time.

starting with the dining room. it has to go.

first order of operation.

take down wallpaper. luckily the floors are awesome and the room has great natural light. it just needs no wallpaper, some paint and accessories.

so here is the plan. thanks to the guidance of my friend dann, he held my hand as i ordered the very first light fixture for the house. well maybe not so much hold my hand as yell over facebook do it! do it! 

since the cocktail lounge is right next to the dining room and i plan to make that a bit more of a statement, i decided to go with something simple and elegant for the formal dining room. chances are this is where we will eat normally because it is right off the kitchen as well. 

without further adieu here is the light i ordered. 

i shopped around a long time to find a light i liked. i scored this one from CB2 for $200 and $5 shipping. I ordered it monday and it is scheduled to be delivered wednesday! got to love that! this is my first order from CB2 so  i will let you know how it goes! 

in addition to this light i have a deep dark brown farmhouse table that used to be in the penthouse but it was too big. that i think will now go in to the formal dining room. i'm obsessed with these chairs for the table but not sure if they will be too white against the dark table ...or that could be a good thing 

as far as paint colors go...i want to keep it kind of dark. the house has great light but i'm tired of painting everything white. this will be "the dark room". i'm thinking dark grays...even black. stay tuned. 

in the meantime i have many other ideas and interesting things on my farm - dining room Pinterest board. if you care to follow along :)

in the meantime have a wonderful wednesday! 
xxoo abby  

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

heart and soul

i love fall. love it love it love it. i love the weather, i love the pumpkins, i love the food i love it all.

plus i look terrible in shorts so i'm a denim loving gal.

i went to the farmers market to pick up some pumpkins and mums for the front porch of byron center to help the front look warm and inviting. along with taking down half of my vintage treasures. have to make it look bigger you know?

anyway this outfit.

i snagged this sweat shirt for $10 last year from old navy. i can't claim it as my own i found it on selective potentials blog and i knew i had to have it. i paired it with the j.crew boyfriend button up top (that i have in like 5 different patterns). thrown on with one of my favorite pairs of jeans (paige jimmy jimmy boyfriend skinny) and tory burch glitter revas. have to wear those babies as much as possible before old man winter comes with snow!

ick pretend i did not say snow.

i hope you are all enjoying this beautiful fall weather!

xxoo abby

 outfit on abby
top: old navy old, similar here and here

Monday, October 13, 2014

weekend recap

let me just start out by saying that i absolutely hate missing a post. i do, i really do but let me give you an excuse.

my flight left vegas at 6am which meant i had to be to the airport by 4am which means i had to leave my hotel by 3am and well. i slept on the plane then i had to read my smut mag's on the last plane and by the time the wheels hit grand rapids i was absolutely spent.

so my apologies.

but let me pick up around friday night.

so i got home to grand rapids around 3:30 home luggage and everything (oh and a quick stop at macys) (it was RIGHT by the airport) and i was home by 5pm.

joe and i headed out for dinner and then took yet another load to the new house. we walked around a bit and headed back to byron center (which by the way is 100% officially listed)

saturday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and caught up on some emails, finished a few details around the house for our FIRST showing.

btw house is listed here

after the showing we ran home grabbed a few more things and headed out to the new house. we started un packing. un packing sucks ALMOST as much as packing. but slightly less suckage. 

saturday night a group of friends from anguilla came over for pizza to see the house and then we headed out to our other friends from the anguilla trip's corn maze! i'm not a corn maze person but it was actually a lot of fun. it was super dark, the stars and moon were amazing and we saw perhaps the brightest shooting star i have ever seen! 

sunday morning we woke up with sore sore backs and arms. 

you see, we left our main furniture in byron center so the house looks staged, this included our bed. 

so what are we sleeping on ? oh you know just the bed (and i'm pretty sure the mattress) from my great grandma sjaarda. did i mention it's a full size? so we went from a california king to no, not a queen, a FULL size. full size of what might i ask? oh don't worry we were dumb enough to sleep there again last night. i tried some simple yoga this morning but i literally couldn't get up. 

lets not skip over sunday. 

sunday we woke up, hurting... but the view... was incredible. the trees are all orange and there was nobody in sight. that ALMOST made it worth it. almost. 

i went and met my friend lisa at the very last downtown vintage market. bought some elfs on a shelf and some other christmas stuff i didn't need.... but wanted. 

i also wanted this chair, but the gentleman selling it wanted $600...

we grabbed a cheese plate and an elderflower fizz... or two from apertivo and our friends chip and dann showed up. so naturally i had to stay. naturally while joe was texting me where i was i said oooooo just immmmm buying groceries. 

i got back to the allegan house around 3pm with a fresh pan of lasagna and bread from the local epicurean (omg so good) i had to bring SOMETHING home. 

we finished unpacking. well...sorta... not at all this is what it looked like

saturday night our friends brooke and jesse came over for some lasagna and kitten taming. friday night we could hear a kitty but couldn't find it. i put out some trader joe's pumpkin cheerios and it seemed to like those. 

the next day i put out some milk... then brook came over with legit cat food. we finally got it close enough to pet. 
mr. tickles 

we named it Mr. Tickles, savage mice slayer. he seems pretty content to be given limited rations of milk in a pyrex bowl and a small selection of cat food. thanks brooke. 

all in all another great weekend to be back but this girl is ready to be completely unpacked and have her old house SOLD so i can have my furniture back. 

someone buy my house. 


happy monday

xxoo abby