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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

weekend recap

labor day weekend is over. and all weekend long i kept saying memorial day. i think that is a sure sign that summer went by waaaaaay too quickly. there were so many things that i had on my list to get done that just well...didn't. 

september....my gateway drug to fall is kicking me into full pumpkin spice mode. i can't help it. i absolutely love fall. sweaters? yes. boots? check. food? check. love love love it. 

anyway lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we? lets start with this amazing weekend. try to keep up. 

friday night was spent at home in byron center. joe and i made this amazing pasta (i made it, joe cut veggies). the veggies came from our garden and the cheese and pasta noodles came from the local epicurean (we'll talk about that place in a later post. o.m.g) we hung out at home and just relaxed a bit. 

saturday morning hauled the camper to the allegan county fairgrounds for the second to last allegan of the season. we set up, shopped, set up some more, shopped. around 3pm it started down pouring so i headed home to shower and relax before a fun night of birthday partying. 

around 7pm we headed to our friends house to celebrate our friend chips 40th birthday party. we met so many new fun people, had AMAZING macaroni bar (dann, you outdid yourself) had whiskey peach tea and mouth drooling carrot cake. it was such a good party with such good people. 

sunday morning lisa and i headed to allegan fairgrounds around 5am. yes 5am. we had to finish setting up (and shopping) due to the rain. we had what i believe is the perfect weather for a flea market. breezy, sunny, and mild 75. we had fun seeing all our friends and customers over the holiday and were exhausted after a long fun day at the market. 

as soon as the show was over we dumped the camper off at the house and headed straight to pentwater. 

we met up with some friends at the antler for 50 cent wings (and i had a salad i'm getting too old for massive amounts of fried food) (ok so i had three wings and a salad). we hung out on the deck chatting and catching up before we headed home around 11pm. 

sunday morning like a crazy person i woke up at 5am (again) and headed to a flea market. on my way i had two of those starbucks energy drink. holy moly i was flying around that place. i got in early because the market didn't start until 830 and i got there around 630. it cost me 20 bucks to get in early (stupid) but it was fun to run around shopping with my flashlight. well, all was fun and games until my flashlight caught some guy taking a crap in the woods. ah yep. disgusting. i don't think he was expecting anyone to be shopping that early. haha jokes on you foo. a little jaded i kept shopping. i can't wait to show you some of my finds! 

the market wasn't very big but i still managed to find a bunch of goodies. i got back to pentwater at 11:30 where i shared a hand pie with my hubby (there was an amish village near the market and i couldn't help myself). for those of you who are not in the know, these hand pies or sometimes called fried pies are small individual fold over pies that are deep fried instead of baked and then dipped in glaze. so they are like a cross between a pie and a jelly donut. and full of amazingness. 

we hung around pentwater all day, took a bike ride, grabbed some lunch, watched a move when it got stormy, took another walk and relaxed. we stopped in hart for pizza on our way home and totally crashed around 10pm (aka the second we walked in the door). 

it was such a good long weekend! i hope you all had a fabulous labor day!!!! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

finally friday!

ok so labor day weekend. a week ago i thought about my plans ( i think ahead what can i say). here were my options. either i a.) commit to flea market weekends and sell my vintage before the winter comes (ick) or blow it all off and go to pentwater for the weekend. 

i opted for a mix. tonight i lock and load the camper (paint stripped and all) for allegan. i actually have been pricing and getting stuff ready this week so i don't have THAT much to still load up. 

saturday morning i'll pull that bad boy to my spot and start set up. do a couple rain dances so i can at least set up and also do some more dancing so that i'm not dealing with rain on sunday. no rain sunday people. at least the meteorologist are reporting clear skies and mild temps for sunday. i can deal with that. 

sunday morning and afternoon we sell sell sell all day long and hopefully do not have to bring any larger pieces home. PS you should come check my stuff out! i have SO many pieces of furniture that i'm pricing to move so i don't have to store them over the winter. (mid century credenza, hutch, chippy paint pretty table) and more! 

after the show sunday i'm heading straight up to pentwater to spend the rest of my weekend there relaxing and hanging out, hopefully enjoying the weather. monday i'm heading to a few flea markets in the area to pick up some stuff for my painted farm girl booth.

and ummmmm that about sums it up. what does everyone else have planned for the weekend? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

straight tripping

every now and then you need to go on a little adventure. last night lisa and i coined a new phrase for craigslist pick ups (which we never go alone to) craigslist pick up = straight trippin.

last night we headed to galesburg south of kalamazoo (hey... i know). but it was a good pick up..trust me. you'll get a sneak peak when i post what i'm taking to allegan with me.

we went and picked up some goodies and then headed to a few antique stores around the downtown. 2 of the 3 kind of sucked but the 3rd one was def worth checking out if you are around that area. we really liked the burgess antique mall  the prices were reasonable and there was a lot of interesting things i haven't seen before. lots of cool painted signs, quite a few primitives etc. i'm kicking myself for leaving behind a vintage 4-h sign.

the best part of the road trip though was heading home and stopping for a quick bite at andreas cafe. we were debating about getting food on the road or checking out literally the only restaurant in town and opted for the latter. we're glad we did. 

the restaurant is in a sideways U shape so if you are sitting on one wall you can't see around behind the wall...make sense? so as we are eating dinner we hear live music start up which is basically three older men and some string instruments singing oldies and folk songs. as we were eating our dinner we kept saying how good the band was. after every song the audience clapped and they would play another song. 

we also noted that we were one of the only tables under the age of 80. we ate our sandwiches, paid our tab and headed out for the door. not expecting to see what was around the corner. 

the tables were pushed out of the way and the floor was peppered with older couples dancing along to every song. i'm still not sure why but it was like being surprised when the bear makes an appearance at the zoo. we both just kind of stood there watching them. i felt out of place snapping a picture but i couldn't help it. it was such a good scene. 

it was one of the sweetest things i have ever seen. that was definitely the best part of our road trip and maybe my week. i think it was so special because you just don't see things like this very often. i feel like some take marriage so lightly and this is a rare time capsule of a room full of years of wisdom and love. i got home just as the sun was setting and what a beautiful sunset it was. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

penthouse progress: metal sink

that moment when you realize you put all the handles on backwards. 

when you're in the moment and something looks off you are not distanced enough to realize what it is. thank goodness for blog before and after's because now i have to fix my handles. lol. 

but before we get to that. let's talk about this old metal sink. it was for sure one of the only things in the house that 100% for sure needed to be saved. 

however it was starting to rust out (we still need to put in a new base in the cupboards) but i knew i could at least start saving the outside. 

i consulted with my friend julie from work who used to be the paint maiden at the home depot. i went and picked up some supplies drove up north and got to work. 

it's kind of hard to see the rust spots here but they are mostly on the inside rims of the drawers and doors. also the hardware was all sketched up. 

supplies: sand paper, TSP, thin roller, rustoleum metal primer, rustoleum gloss white metal paint, rustoleum gold spray paint,  tray, tape etc. 

1. take off hardware
2. wash with TSP product
3. sand down rust spots
4. wash with tsp again
5. let dry
6. slap on the primer
7. let dry (about two - three hours)
8. apply first layer of white metal paint, spray hardware
9. wait 24 hours
10. apply second layer of white metal paint
11. let dry one week
12. place hardware back on correctly :)

good as new! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

cottage sweater

 this weekend joe and i went for a walk around these trails that wrap around the reservoir in between ludington and pentwater. there are two paths you can take. either reservoir overlook (took that last time and it started pouring rain and we got stuck there with a bunch of friendly bikers for about 45 minutes). this time we opted for the lake michigan overlook.

i know it sounds weird to go hiking around the consumers energy reservoir but it's actually quite beautiful. it's a great example of man and nature working together. the power source is needed throughout west michigan but they did such a good job preserving the surrounding nature and making it accessible to pedestrians.

there are frisbee golf courses throughout the hills, walking trails and scenic overlooks.

one might ask why the heck are you wearing a sweater? it was so hot this weekend!

and it was but! it wasn't that hot in the mornings at pentwater. we took this walk around 11am and it was super windy and almost cooler out.

i love this free people sweater because it's light and breezy. i call it my cottage sweater because it seems to keep me both cool and warm. i can toss it over everything and it's like a lovely knitted blanket wrapped around me. (plus it's 50% off at bloomingdales!)

it's layered with some of my favorite comfy stretchy shorts and tory burch sandals that i got on super sale.

these salads are great throw ons and provide that perfect pop of color to any outfit. you'd be shocked at how many things a muted/mustard yellow goes with!

we walked to the lake and talked through a few things including some houses we looked at, planned out the rest of our day and headed back.

please note: pentwater means i barely wear make up and have no means to tame my hair.

outfit on abby

weekend recap

Good morning, afternoon or evening folks. not sure when you are about to read this but...

it's most likely a monday and ugh mondays.

lets rewind back to friday shall we? that sounds much much better.

friday morning i went and helped my parents move my baby sister into her college dorm. my old college dorm. i am so so excited for her to begin this chapter in her life.

it's funny when you walk into a place you haven't been in years (9 to be exact) and the place smells the same, feels the same and brings back all of these amazing wonderful memories.

i am so so so excited for her to start classes this week and make the friends who will be a part of her life forever.

after we dropped her off i went and picked up some soup my grandma made me. (the best cheesy potato soup you'll ever have in your life) and then headed up to meet joe to get to pentwater. 

we got to pentwater around 7:30 that night and went and had dinner at one of the restaurants downtown. we went to gulls landing which is supposedly the "nicer" restaurant. all of the food places in pentwater are like 60% there. they all need restaurant impossible to go there and help update their menus and show them how to use local ingredients. i prefer eating in ludington because most pentwater ones are like which section of gordon foods service do i feel like eating at...

nonetheless it was still a beautiful night and you can't screw up hummus so it was a nice relaxing night. 

saturday morning we woke up and went to the depot to get some supplies for the day. 

joe worked on gutting the kitchen and i cleaned out more of the walls and helped him tear apart the kitchen. 

we worked until about 6pm, cleaned up and grilled some steaks. last weekend we found an amazing grocery store called hansens in hart. i don't  know how we've been going to pentwater for two years now and never found hansens. amazing deli salads, locally butchered meats and handmade sausages (ummm gouda and old poet stout brats?) homemade breads and hotdog buns... this weekend i picked up a loaf of garlic bread and homemade garlic butter. 

we grilled out some hoppen pork chops and topped them with garlic butter and grilled the bread on the charcoal grill. 

nothing beats a charcoal grill in the summer. nothing. well maybe a smoker...maybe

after dinner we went for a bike ride and hung out on some friends from denvers porch and caught up on things because somehow we've missed them all summer. it was good to sit, relax and catch up. 

sunday we slept in a bit, grabbed some coffee and went to church on the green in downtown pentwater. we sat out overlooking the water listening to some of the best church music i've ever heard. this man was amazing on the fiddle and he was singing and playing with a guitar. at the end of his song i realized he was blind! he was unbelievably talented. 

after church we rode our bikes around town and decided to head to ludington for lunch. 
we went to the blu moon deck restaurant which could be the last dose of lobster nachos we get for the year (it's only open until labor day..) or weather depending and in michigan you never know. 

after lunch we took the back roads to get from ludington to pentwater and stopped to walk some of the nature trails to the lake michigan overlook. 

we got back to the penthouse and i read in the hammock while joe took a nap inside. we then went kayaking for about 3 hours all the way around pentwater lake, my arms feel like jelly today. 

since we had our suits on already we thought we would go to the beach. we went to grab the dogs and walked to the dog beach. we were going to try and see if we could get the dogs into the water. 

they were not going to have any of that. at all. 

we played on the beach for a while longer then stopped to get ice cream for dinner on our way back. 

we packed up and headed home after a great fun super hot weekend. 

happy monday everyone!!! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

finally friday!

i can't wait to get to pentwater.

can't can't wait.

i don't even know where the week went this go round. i didn't do any of my normals it's been a putting out fires kind of thing.

we are leaving as soon as we get out of work and hopefully staying until monday morning.

i'm hoping that we can tackle some projects such as maybe some painting, finish the kitchen demo.....finish the last bathroom wall with the door.... so many options.

we've both been so busy this week that we have not had a chance to get the supplies for the weekend so we most likely will be making some home depot trips.

i'm sitting here wondering where did my nights go this week?

we had a christmas party, we had appts to view houses and the hudsonville fair.

i love going to the fair because 1.) i love fair food 2.) i love animals and 3.) it brings back such good memories of being a kid and back in high school.

we usually go thursday night to the 4-h auction because my dad and grandpa purchase some projects and it's fun to see kiddos from my hometown selling their summer projects.

oh and did i mention the food?

and more food?

oh and more food?

needless to say i went to bed with a major (but worth it) tummy ache.

happy friday!

i love this picture of my niece. she is such a force to be reckoned with! 

our family friend levi (and young man i used to babysit) selling his pigs! 

ava (levi's sister) selling her pigs! 

coming soon to our freezer.....sorry cow.