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Thursday, October 30, 2014

a walk in the park

ever been on the brink of getting sick? ugh i have a splitting head ache this morning and i'm trying to fight it off. drinking lots of water and tea but i'm afraid i might have to default to cold medicine. that is one of the only downfalls about the seasons changing. the colds and flus. ick. 

on a different note the plus side is vests, boots and denim. loveeeeee i found out about this brand called joules from a local store in holland, frances jaye. it's kind of a girlier ralph lauren. very preppy, polo ish and has tons of anchors and stripes. so naturally i'm obsessed with it. paired this with the madewell top (i love the fit of these button ups) and my most comfy paige jeans it was such a good cozy outfit to take my boy love butters for a walk around pentwater. 

ps: the joules brand runs small so i went 1-2 sizes up depending how i want things to fit. 

happy thursday!

outfit on abby
vest joules similar here and here 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

halloween stuff

there might be one "holiday" all year long that i don't really care to celebrate. (other than bullish holidays like sweetest day, columbus day and kim kardashian day). i really don't care to celebrate halloween. 

the only thing i like is the candy, my nieces and nephew in their costumes and the kickoff to the fall holiday season. i don't like to be scared, i don't like witches and spiders and scary movies. 

i prefer pumpkins and cider and boots and scarves and campfires and not halloween. 

i love decorating for fall but not halloween. i just don't care for it ok? 

but in the spirit of things and the pending halloween holiday... here are my five favorite pumpkin decorations from around the pinterweb. 

what is your least favorite holiday? 

happy wednesday! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

mad for plaid

outfit on abby
scarf zara similar here and here 
dress anthropologie old similar here and here 
shoes tory burch old similar here and here 

it's scarf season everyone! i'm so happy that it's finally here. just hoping that it doesn't bring snow so soon with it. i picked this scarf up while in vegas. yep 90 degrees hot...why not buy a scarf? boom because it was on sale there. for $19! can't beat that. 

i'm a sucker for a good scarf. probably why i have a section in my closet labeled "scarves". they go with everything and when you live in a place that can be 30 in the morning and 60 during the day... they are a must accessory. 

i bought this dress from anthropologie last year in like two colors because the material is super thick and this mustard color kind of goes with everything. i believe this is a brand they carry every year. i believe it's called ghanni. i believe you should all go try it on if they do. 

pair all this with a gray blazer style jacket and you are good to go. 

these pics were snapped by my friend annette after a lovely lunch of fish and chips at the downtown market :)

happy tuesday! 
xxoo abby 

Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend recap

monday. you always come to soon. i just want one more day... please?

this weekend as usual went way to quickly.

maybe it's because i really haven't left my house much since friday?

lets start with friday. friday night i left work and headed downtown to meet my friend lisa at citysen lounge to have a little happy hour and appetizers. their happy hour goes until 7pm! can't beat $5 drinks and apps.

after happy hour we headed to the rotary antique show at ada christian school to visit some friends. i had to pace myself there was such good vintage christmas finds! i ended up walking away with a few jadeite plates. just what i needed. right?

from the that show we headed to the lost and found anniversary party and shopped the store (almost everything was sold already) (but we got there at 9pm haha) we had a few drinks and talked with our friends. hung out and i headed home back to allegan. 

saturday morning i woke up early and got right to work in the dining room. i finished painting the first coat of trim while joe fixed drywall and installed the light. while that dried i unpacked more. that took us to about 6pm. we got cleaned up and headed to salt of the earth in fennville for a lovely dinner after a long day of hard work. 

sunday we slept in a bit, unpacked more stuff, headed to home depot and grabbed some lunch. we headed back and unpacked more. at 2:30 the family that uses the maple syrup shack came and explained their process. pretty much for as much maple syrup we want they come and use the facility located in the far north side of the property. we unpacked more. i made dinner and my parents came over for dinner and to bring us a couch they were not using anymore ... yes. i made roast veggies from the farmers market and a pioneer woman recipe for pulled pork. yummm. a great end to the weekend but seriously...monday...kicking my butt. 

happy monday everyone! 


Friday, October 24, 2014

finally friday

there is alot of stuff going on this weekend. so much that i'm not sure what i'm going to choose to do. 

tonight we are going out to dinner and possibly heading out to the lost and found  anniversary party (6-10pm) tomorrow it's work/play day. 

not sure how that is going to play out yet. there are a lot of things i would love to get done including but not limited too, finish painting the dining room, head to the rotary antique show and visiting the lululemon grand opening celebration in breton village

not sure which one is going to take top priority...my guess is the paint. i would love to just have one room halfway done. at least i have a dining table i could move into the room. so paint, paint and more paint! 

sunday i think we are going to go check out a church in the area, have a nice lunch and probably unpack a bit more. since half my clothing and most of my kitchen is still in boxes. 

what are your plans for the weekend? anything exciting i should know about?

happy friday!

xxoo abby 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

take it off

ok so one room at a time.

last weekend wallpaper come down and many of you want to know what worked?

let me start by telling you i tried EVERYTHING. it took me for friggin ever before i figured out what worked.

i tried steaming, water, prayer everything.

here is what worked.

DIF - GEL. it comes in a clear squirt bottle from the home depot. there are two different types of DIF i tried the water based version and it helped a little but took a mass amount of time to chip away. the best thing was the dif gel. its by far the messiest but if you want to take wallpaper down in a breeze you must use this product.

my dining room had one wall that was plaster and the gel took a bit of the wall with it but compared to sitting there chipping away at it for hours...i'll fix some drywall.

available in the paint department of home depot. 

while you are there pick up the plastic paint scrapper and some drywall repair. 3 birds with 2 stone. 

here is after 14 hours of work. (i found the gel the last 4 hours...sigh)

so now that everything is torn down...let's put it back together. 


my friend dann has been such a HUGE help in helping me pull this room together. i am having a hard time pulling the trigger on anything because i know that this house is our "forever home" i know that it can be changed but i feel decisions are really heavy. so i'm grateful for a friend who has a great eye and knows my taste.

i wanted to stray away from the traditional farmhouse look. this house is alone kind of hidden so i wanted it to have more of an earthy feel. i loved the colors dan suggestion. we are painting the baseboards with 4, the walls with 3 and the windows and ceiling with 1. i ordered the fabulous light (5) from cb2. it was a great deal! $200 for a huge nice pendant light $5 shipping. here is the best part: i ordered it monday it was on my doorstep by wednesday. i'm now a huge CB2 fan.

i'm saving my pennies for the wall sconces from schoolhouse electric for the 2 sconces and the dining room chairs.

what do you think so far?

happy thursday!
xxoo abby

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

farmhouse guest bathroom

i vowed to only work on one room at a time in the new house but that doesn't stop me from giving you whats coming up after we "complete" formal dining room.

let me give you a status update on that bad boy.

this past saturday morning i went to home depot around 8am, started wallpaper project around 9ish. worked straight through lunch and into dinner ran out of wallpaper stuff (i will do an entire post to how to strip wallpaper) (without killing someone) and then had to make another home depot run and called it quits around 10ish at night.

sunday morning stripped more wallpaper and did it some more after church.

joe came home from hunting and helped me start by painting the ceiling. then yesterday i started in on the beadboard and the trim. you'll have to wait for pictures.

so i figured while i have the supplies handy once i'm done with the formal dining room i will move on to the guest bathroom. this bathroom is the only bathroom on the main floor. it has a door that leads straight outside to the pool deck and the other door leads into the side entrance of the house.

it's covered in pink tile with green flowers which personally, i kinda am digging. i think the tile is going to stay. however the 90's country chic wallpaper has to go. i might even paint the trim. might.

the trim is really beautiful but i feel it clashes with the pink tile.

there are also wood lockers in the room as well as a shower and toilet. quite possibly one of the weirdest toilets i've seen but it's kinda cool

kinda love this tile

nipple light needs to go. 

i can work with this sink but the faucet has to go and the terrible wallpaper 

the faux marble towel holder must go as well. 

so you can get the full spectrum of ugly wallpaper 

as you can see joe set the full toilet paper on top of the empty roll. 

so what do you think? how do i make this tile color work? wood trim..paint or keep? 


happy wednesday!

xxoo abby