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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

plaid n polka

 as one gets older, i know i know  i don't look a day over 21. as one gets older,  you start focusing more on fit. fit becomes very very important to a woman. a proper fit hides all that is scary and what that extra mile on the treadmill just can't seem to get rid of.

i am normally a straight up AG denim gal but my friend Jordan at AK Rikks convinced me to give these Jbrands a try. i know have like 5 pairs of Jbrands. i love how they are super stretchy but do not lose their shape. this pair honestly, comes up to about my belly button. ick hate that word but what else do you call it?

its like built in denim spanx but they are still super comfy. i bought some with the distressed detail and i have a pair without the distressing. you know for special occasions i guess.

i paired it with my new favorite button up from madewell. this is the boyfriend fit top. i love that it's loose throughout the body (and booby area) but it's tailored in the shoulders and sleeve length. i usually have a difficult time fitting shirts like this in the "bust" and the arm part (where the bat wings are). this top is perfect and it comes in tons of plaids and patterns. me = huge fan.

and this outfit wouldn't be me without a little pattern clashing so i threw on my kate spade keds polka dot sneaks. you're welcome abby's feet.

happy tuesday everyone!

outfit on abby

Sunday, September 28, 2014

weekend recap

good monday to you all. 

i started this weekend off with an awesome awesome breakfast with a good friend at anna's house. i got the sweet potato eggs benny. i've never in my life ordered eggs Benedict but i couldn't resist the description. it was one of the best breakfasts i have had in grand rapids. maybe even in all of michigan. it was sooooooo so good. 

friday night we moved another trailer load to the new house and had some friends stop by to check out the house. we had chinese food with no silverware (yea) and a couple of beers on the porch it was such a beautiful night it was hard to work. but we managed. 

we also took the dogs to the farm for the first time. i think they will be adjusting to farm life just fine don't you think? they ran and ran and before we knew it binks was making a bee line for the pool. he made it about halfway onto the pool cover before we caught him. idiot. 

saturday we worked around the byron center house getting another load ready, cleaning up the yard a bit and then dropped some stuff off at the convenience stores and then headed out to muskegon to watch my mom and her group ride in from the bike trip. they left last week Saturday and rode their bikes all the way around the state of michigan to raise money for the lakeshore pregnancy center. they ended up raising over 100,000 dollars!

we hung out with the fam for a bit then headed to pentwater to take a load of stuff there and check on the place since we've been a little preoccupied. 

we grabbed dinner at the antler and headed home to ugh toss a few more things in the moving trailer. 

sunday morning i woke up super early and headed to the allegan flea market. i got there around 5:30 with my flash light and shopped. i got some mega deals. i bought a ton of jadeite, a few pieces of pyrex and some awesome wool blankets. i was especially happy about the jadeite finds. 

can you see me?

i found these awesome lights too but i couldn't decide which ones i needed/wanted. i'm trying to pace myself when buying newness for the house. one thing at a time. these lights are made out of awesome vintage materials. lucky for me they live in allegan! bonus. 

if you are interested in a custom piece visit: www.frommyhandtoyours.net or on Facebook 

sunday we moved more stuff. i gave a few house tours to friends and my family came over for pizza and costco cake to check things out. 

now hopefully we will be 90% moved (we are leaving furniture in old house for staging) by friday! 

happy monday! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

finally friday

no sleep, stress, copious amounts of pizza, and a ton of boxes.

that is about how this week has gone. i know I've been complaining about packing a lot but well...it's terrible.

last night though was great.

we got the keys officially to the house.

we got there around 7pm and had pizza in bag chairs on the deck and a bottle of wine we'd been saving for a special occasion (since 2011) haha.

we walked through the house, made lists and plans and looked up at the stars. it was great. it felt weird to know that this is the next phase. moving on to a house that we will hopefully be in for a longggggg time.

so what is on deck for this weekend?

moooore packing.

we are not going to move in until we can get the house cleaned because it's super dirty and needs a new house scrubbing.

once that is set we will move the rest of everything out there and get the byron center house cleaned and on the market. hoping all this happens by the end of next week.
but still we are packing all of my extra crap into the barns and garages to declutter the house in byron center.

it's hard to transfer your stuff because somethings you'd like to move but you might still need them for a few more days and some stuff you bring over but you need it back.

i might make some time though for a few barn sales/ flea market and also making a drive out to muskegon to watch my mom and her friends ride in on their bikes. she's been biking around the state of michigan to raise money for the lakeshore pregnancy center. she left last week saturday and is tracing the entire state on her bike.

other than that... more packing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


happy thursday friends!

this is me. conjuring up deep thoughts. 

we are one step closer to the weekend and tonight i finally get the keys to our new house!

but lets save that for later... like when my stuff is actually packed up.

i know i've spoken about being nice quite a few times on this blog but bare with me as i have some more deep thoughts.

(oh shit right? deep thoughts) ( you're scared because you don't know what you'll get, it could be about politics, feminism, or something as simple as squirrels in cardboard boxes).

bare with me.

i've told you about this amazing man at the farmers markets. he is an elderly gentleman who bears a striking resemblance to my late grandpa hoppen. i mean it's just eerie how much they look alike.

my friend laura and i go to the market early before work on wednesday mornings and chat with him and buy whatever he has in stock, even if i don't need like 4 heads of cabbage. he is a good no, wonderful example of a kind heart.

he takes time to talk to strangers, he makes eye contact when he speaks. but more importantly it's what he says when he talks.

he loves his wife. he always talks about how she doesn't like to cook (not that she can't cook, she doesn't) so he makes her pies, dinners, soups. they don't watch a lot of tv they like to keep their minds sharp by playing scrabble. in fact he didn't mind the insane snow last winter. more scrabble time and now he swears he's really really good.

when you bid him goodbye he says "may you have a blessed day" when you ask him how his crops are doing he says "wonderful with the help of the Lord".

today was his last day at the market. he wished laura and i a blessed safe winter full of lots of scrabble.

he is a rare find this guy.

it really made me think about more than just being nice, but being kind.

genuine kindness. not just when others are looking.

it's a rare thing.

its hard to be kind sometimes.

it's hard to be kind while you are sticking up for yourself. it's hard to be kind when you feel you are in the right and someone is being difficult. it's hard to be kind when someone has hurt you or someone you love.

it's hard to be kind without people seeing you as a push over.

it really is.

i am no saint. there are times where i have lacked kind ness. where words have come out of my mouth that i cringe at later. literally cringe. i have an unfortunate ability to weave together words into a super ugly (yet sometimes clever) tapestry.

(don't worry mom i won't list them here)

so how do we combat those moments? how do you remain genuinely kind?

i wish i had the answer. but. well. i don't.

the best i can suggest is try harder each day.

abby out.

brown butter butternut pasta

sometimes you just need a quick dinner for one.. or two. just because joe signs up for every extra activity under the sun doesn't mean i'm not going to have a nice meal. 

i FINALLY stopped at the new local epicurean off of division. i know ! i know! i used to go there all the time when they were on their smaller shop on wealthy but have not had time to check out the division one. i know it's been years. but trust me i will not be forgetting my experience anytime soon. 

you walk in to the shop and it's like stepping in to a different world. it's insane. pasta cheese meats glorious food treasures everywhere nestled inside this STUNNING old building furnished with amazing vintage displays. 

i had to make myself decide on two bags of pasta and four small hunks of cheese. they had this amazing goat cheese that is aged in hay. it was amazing. 

back to the recipe. here is what you need to make a simple and quick pasta for one (or two)

ingredients (for two people)
  • a good 7 oz hunk of pasta. i chose the pumpkin chipolte chili from the local epicurean but you could substitute a good fettuchini noodle or other thicker sliced pasta 
  • a small butternut squash
  • a head of garlic
  • a shallot 
  • about 1/4 cup of brown sugar 
  • about 4 tablespoons of butter 
  • salt n peppa
  • olive oil 
1. heat the oven up to 375. slice and peel the squash, dice into small squares toss with olive oil, salt n peppa and place on a baking sheet covered in parchment paper. heat in oven for about 15 - 20 minutes. 

2. dice up 4 garlic cloves (more or less depending on how you like it) dice up your shallot. i left my shallot in a little bigger slices because. because that's how i like em. 

3. get a pot of water boiling. salt it after it starts boiling and let it come to a boil again. salt alters the boiling. 

4. heat about 2 tbsp of butter in the skillet, once melted add garlic and shallots. careful not to let them burn. garlic turns really bitter if it burns. 

5. add about 1/2 of your brown sugar to the skillet. take out the squash (should be about done by now) if it's still just a little tough (you can't stick a fork all the way though) that is ok you will continue to cook it on the stove top. 

6. toss noodles into the boiling water. should become al dente in about 4 minutes so keep a close eye otherwise they get chewy (still delicious) but chewy. 

7. toss in the rest of the butter and brown sugar. once the noodles are cooked, drain them and add to the skillet. (turn the heat WAY down). add some salt and peppa 

8. add a bit of fresh parsley and try to only eat one serving. 

slice using a sharp knife just do not cut yourself. scoop seeds with a spoon and peel skin with an apple peeler or knife

olive oil nom nom nom 

salt n peppa magic

i didn't use parchment paper trust me- use it 

in the words of jason derulo - what ya gonna do with all that butt(er) sizzle sizzle sizzle

one big noodles happy family 


Monday, September 22, 2014

little dress on the prairie

i love this dress. when i saw it on free people's website i knew that it had to be mine. plus i was heading to the bahamas at the time and i neeeeeded it for my trip. it has become the perfect throw on dress but is such a statement, it looks like you made an effort. 

this dress is a lightweight linen ish material and has a nice flowy slip underneath to help it from being see through.  aint nobody got time for that. 

the top of the dress has a weaved peace cut out all around the shoulders and back which gives it a little shape along with a slightly tapered waistline that gives you a little but more of a tailored look than a typical maxi. i love maxi dresses but sometimes they are so flowy i look like an Olsen twin circa hobo years. 

i usually don't wear a lot of jewelry with this dress because it is so busy but i do love clashing a pair of snake print sandals with this dress. i have this pair of jeffrey campbell sandals i  bought a few years ago and the python print coordinates perfectly with the gray in the dress. 

we quickly snapped these pictures on the way to my friend chips 40th birthday party. every gal needs a birthday party dress! 

outfit on abby

Sunday, September 21, 2014

weekend recap

packing sucks.

 i honestly have had three garage sales this summer thinking, "oh good job abby, you are so responsible for de cluttering".

yea abby you still have a ton of stuff. every picture, every dish, every pillow, it's exhausting.

friday night we packed and packed and packed. i at least got all of my books and dishes packed up, about half of my pyrex collection and some other smalls. lets be clear that all took up about 15 boxes.

my family is giving me a lot of crap for buying moving boxes but honestly it's so convenient to have boxes that are all the same size, durable, with tape and paper. it's made moving a lot simpler plus it was only $50 for a ton of boxes, two rolls of tape and 2 10lb boxes of wrapping paper. 

so that was our friday night. 

saturday i woke up bright and early and headed off to a flea market near saginaw with my friend annette. we left gr around 6am and arrived just in time at about 830am. it was awesome because we dodged every storm and all the severe wind that seemed to be everywhere. we shopped over 1000 dealers and shopped until about 3pm in the afternoon. i found a great kitchen cabinet for the penthouse, a giant letter A about as tall as me, some jewelry displays, some vintage christmas, some table linens and some pyrex. all in all a pretty successful flea market. 

for lunch we had these amazing hot dogs from a food truck called the minor diner. it was all beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon topped with pepper jack cheese and chorizo coney sauce. omg. i had to walk an the vendor fields an extra round to work off that bacon haha. 

i really really wanted this table but had no measurements for the new house :( drafting table top with antique pool table legs. AMAZING

we stopped for a glass of wine and a run through the pottery barn outlet (didn't find anything) before we made it home around 830pm. 

sunday joe and i went for breakfast to make a master packing/home list. we loaded up a bunch of furniture that we are not going to use to stage the house and took it to the new house! the owners vacated one of the garages and said we could store some big things in there. which was really nice to get things out of the way. 

for the first time since we moved in to byron center the yard and garage are now empty haha. sunday night we had to buy a toilet for the basement (it's almost finished) and some replacement lights because i am not leaving my vintage chandeliers here. no way no how. 

after a trip to the home depot we went and had pizza at my friend brooke's house and hung out. it was nice being someplace that didn't have moving boxes and crap everywhere for a while haha. 

so a little fun and a lot of work this weekend but we are one step closer to moving! closing is this thursday! 

happy monday everyone!