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Monday, August 18, 2014

weekend recap

running on minimal sleep here folks so bear with me.

i got home late last night from my parents cottage and literally could not fall asleep. i watched almost all of good will hunting. 

so here we go monday on 4 am of sleep. 

let's do this. 

this weekend was absolutely stunning. we got to pentwater friday night and did our normal routine. check the place out, un pack and head for the antler. 

we met up with some friends afterwards and watched the sun set on their deck and walked back around 11pm. 

saturday morning we woke up early and got right to work. i painted the vintage metal sink ( super big thanks everyone for your suggestions) it worked out perfect. it is setting all week so hopefully it will set this week and i can put the handles back on. 

here is the thing though, i am not nor will i ever be a professional painter. i suck at painting. the work looks good but i can't paint without getting it EVERYWHERE on me. hands, feet, legs, floor. and here is the other thing, primer does not come off easy. i literally bathed in mineral spirits to get it off of me. at first i tried just cleaning my hands with water but it literally just spread like a paste all the way up to my elbows. i looked like a mime. 

while i was doing that joe worked on the bathroom paneling. we have one more wall left and then the bathroom is completely finished! i just have to still decide on the wallpaper. not sure yet. i can't decide on the direction. at all. yikes. i'm horrible committing to these things. 

saturday night we had some visitors drop in. our friends chip and dann made their way from mackinaw to the penthouse. we grabbed dinner at barley and rye ...i know i know i'm obsessed and went back and just talked and caught up on life. we had breakfast the next day and went for a nice long walk around the beach, grabbed lunch and they headed home. joe and i finish a few things up around the house, i put another coat on the cabinet and we headed off to my parents cottage. we had dinner, grabbed ice cream and headed home. 

a great weekend and i know i said i would try to savor the week days but i honestly can't wait to get back up to pentwater and get back to work! 

a recipe i've been working on. baked french toast muffins

endless supplies. 

getting paneling hung!!! now what to do with these posts....

bathroom progress

wallpaper nook....thoughts?